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Welcome to Made in Hutta! We are on Veela with a friendly and casual, yet experienced group of PVPers and raiders. We raid Tue/Thu/Sun 8pm EST. See you in game!
Guild News

4/12 NEW OPS! Explosive Conflict: Zorn/Toth 16man, down!

Kitara, Apr 13, 12 8:57 AM.
We adventured into the new operations, Explosive Conflict, with 16 hardy travelers, and learned the mechanics of the first boss, Zorn and Toth in story mode. After a few attempts, we downed the two rock giants and made our way to the second boss, but by that time our 2.5 raid hours were up. We will be back Sunday!

2/13 Nightmare!

Kitara, Feb 13, 12 12:12 AM.
Our first attempt in 16man Nightmare after Patch 1.1 and took a few tries but finally killed Mr. Robot Boss and Gharj. MVP to Balrage who soloed Robot after everyone died at 2% :) After that fight, Gharj was cake but then it got too late. Next time!

February 2, 2012 - Karagga's Palace - 16 Man Hard Mode

Keera, Feb 2, 12 11:27 PM.
So today we gathered for our raid into Karagga's Palace on 16 man Hard Mode. Last week we got 3 of the bosses down before the 4th bugged and we couldn't go any farther. Today, no bugs! We were able to clear the instance. Congrats to all the people who got useless Rakata weapons. Made in Hutta is now 5/5 on all Hard Mode raid content. Next stop, nightmare mode! Bring your diapers, it's gonna be messy.


Jan 30 Hard Mode

Kitara, Jan 30, 12 12:48 AM.
We started with 16man hard mode Karagga's tonight but the fates of the bug gods did not favor us. After killing the 3rd boss of Karagga (foreman) and attempting the 4th boss, getting him to 10%, this wipe bugged out the boss and we were unable to reset him or the instance. We split up into 8mans to continue the raid and cleared the rest of Hard Mode Karagga's without any problems.

Jan. 26 - Eternity Vault... again

Keera, Jan 27, 12 12:50 AM.
Today we headed into 16 man Hard Mode Eternity Vault yet again, this time with some new people that needed some gear. We of course cleared the whole place, however this time, unlike every single other time we've ever been there, I remembered to take a screenshot of the first boss! Victory to MiH! Congrats to those who got gear, and Vikon for somehow winning a roll to get the car *shakes fist*

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